My Favorite Romantic Movies

First, you find yourself stealing your mom’s romance books at the tender age of fifteen, then you’re sneaking watches of An Officer and a Gentlemen a couple of years later. (Both at the horror of your mama who thought she’d taught you better.)

Hello, my name is Shannon, and I love all things romance.


And this post is dedicated to my favorite romance movies. Life is real, and ugly, and many times unsatisfying, but not a great romance book or movie. It can be argued any story with a couple falling in love is a romance (like Me Before You and Nights at Rodanthe), but romance-aholics require their romance stories to deliver a satisfactory ending every. single. time.

For my totally unscientific rankings, I used the following to determine their eligibility onto the list:

#1 –> If I’m scrolling through TV and it’s on, I stop and watch it. Every. Single. Time.

#2 –> If I own the DVD or Stream it at least once a year.

#3 –> It has to meet the above-stated criteria for romance.

#1 Notting Hill

Reasons why I love it: British accents, Best Line Ever, the impossibility of such a match, Spike. (Side note, it’s on TV right now, keeping me company as I put my list together. Kismet.)


#2 Love, Actually

Reasons why I love it: British accents, Colin Firth, Andrew Lincoln pre-TWD, and the many faces and phases (and craziness of love). Bonus points because it’s a Christmas movie.


#3 The Holiday

Reasons why I love it: British accents (sensing a theme), Jude Law, what happens when you take a leap of faith, Jack Black in a non-stupid role. Bonus points because it’s a Christmas movie.


#4 Bridget Jones’ Diary

Reasons why I love it: I’m betting you can guess the first one, Colin Firth. It’s a modern-day retelling of Pride and Prejudice, in case Colin Firth’s “Mark Darcy” didn’t give it away.


#5 About Time

Reasons why I love it: Hmmmm, those accents, and a lovely twist and use of time travel without bogged down in the logistics, lots of heart, and I just discovered another common denominator between these first five romantic films I love: Richard Curtis wrote all the screenplays.


#6 Ever After

Reasons why I love it: Best retelling of Cinderella that doesn’t pan to the YA (teenage) crowd. Nor does Drew Barrymore’s character wait for Prince Charming to rescue her, she does it all by herself. And I love the tie-in with Leonardo DaVinci.


#7 Sweet Home Alabama

Reasons why I love it: Accents of a different kind, Josh Lucas, and that oh-so-small-town feeling. Reese Witherspoon had a run of great rom-coms, but this is my favorite of hers.


#8 Under the Tuscan Sun

Reasons why I love it: This movie got me through my divorce. It showed there was life on the other side, one you could never imagine for yourself. Bonus points for the Tuscan scenery, and laugh-out-loud moments.


#9 Something’s Gotta Give

Reasons why I love it: All writers understand the significance of this scene. The love story was around non-nubile characters, older woman-younger man trope done well, and her beach house (!).


#10 While You Were Sleeping

Reasons why I love it: It’s a Christmas movie, big rowdy family that loves each other, laugh-out-loud moments, my mom and I always watch it together.


Honorable Mentions

10 Things I Hate About You, Pretty Woman, Serendipity, Knight’s Tale, Lake House, Sense and Sensibility, The Notebook, French Kiss, Pride and Prejudice, Adjustment Bureau, Return to Me

Is your favorite on my list? If not, what yours?

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