My Favorite Kissing Scenes

If you’ve been enjoying “My Favorite Romance/Romantic” lists (like my fave romance movies or my fave romance books),  I’ve got another one to share with you. The best kissing scenes. The ones that leave you, the observer, breathless and achy for that kind of connection.

Perhaps there’s a My Favorite Sex Scenes coming (snort) in the future.

#1 Outlander

No surprise here, right? You’ve probably figured out by now that I lurrve everything about Outlander, so it’s no surprise that one of Jamie and Claire’s kissing scenes made it into my faves lists. They have many lovely kissing scenes, but the episode of their wedding night.

#2 French Kiss

Oui, oui. Meg Ryan really did the rom-coms so well. Glad to see a resurgence of my favorite kinds of movies. A great enemies to lovers trope, and that last scene in the vinyard? Oo-la-la.

# 3 The Notebook

After this scene, who didn’t want to get caught in the rain and pounded up against a wardrobe by Ryan Gosling?

#4 Bridget Jones’ Diary

I enjoyed both the book and movie (but probably the movie a fraction more because…Colin Firth). The last scene in the snow after Mark Darcy buys her a new diary. I’ll watch that on repeat several times before I turn it off.

#5 Friends

While it aired, I was a HUGE friends fan, and the writers did an excellent job with Rachel and Ross in terms of “will they, won’t they?” throughout the ten seasons. My favorite R/R scene is in season 2 where Rachel finally chooses him. *I’ve since read some interesting blogs and twitter-threads about how jerky Ross was. Valid points were points made.*

#6 Never Been Kissed

As Drew Barrymore’s character is waiting on the baseball mound. Weren’t all anxious for her? Then disappointed because the clock ran out and he didn’t show? Then elated when he strolled across the baseball field. All the feels.


#7 Buffy & Spike

By the last season I was shipping (and that term wasn’t even invented yet) for them so hard. The writers kept them both right there on the edge until the very end. “I love you.” “No you don’t, but thanks for saying it.” Ugh. Joss. You could’ve done better.


#8 Brokeback Mountain

There is nothing worse than denied love, and Jake and Heath did it so well.

#9 Sweet Home Alabama

Another kiss in the rain. “What do you want to be married to me for?” “So I can kiss you anytime I want.”

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