Pitchwars Mentee Bio

I was almost outta there. My finger hovered over the delete button; it was simply a formality. I was done with Twitter. Well actually, I never really started with Twitter. . .

That is. . .until I discovered all my favorite agents hung out there. And tweeted. And really seemed like humans instead of the high school clique I’d made up in my head.

Fast forward a few weeks when someone mentioned #Pitchwars. Wha??? What iz thiz??? I hop over to find out more. OH.MY.GOD. A bastion of other neurotic wannabe authors, clamoring to have their mss (that’s manuscripts in writer’s term) mentored and then pitched to the popular kids at school…eh, hem…I mean the most humanly human agents ever.

Let the freak out begin.


Oh…btw…pick only FOUR mentors to send to, and be blasted sure they rep your genre and age group (if you’re a non-writer reading this post…sorry…it’s a lot of jargon).

And if you have time–when you’re not stalking the Twitter feeds of your chosen mentors–throw together a little bio so the mentors can stalk you for a while.

It’s a lot of balls to juggle in the air. As apparently is the life of a writer.


Soooo, I stalked some other mentee bios to see what the going rate was. Based on what I’ve read, replied and retweeted, here’s what’s hot for me right now. It will probably change next week because my brain’s like the Home Shopping Network.

In no particular order.

1. My hubby is Israeli and the brains behind my research for my mss about an Mossad operative. Noooooo….hubby wasn’t Mossad. He’s a walking wikipedia of all things Israeli.

2. I wrote my first novel at 20-21 yo. It was a time-travel set in Colorado. My second novel was a contemporary romance. The third was about a crime-solving concierge (cozy mystery, I guess you could call it). I submitted my fourth mss to #Pitchwars 2014–didn’t get in, if you’re curious.

3. My story lines have always been loosely inspired by the guy I was dating at the time. or the weird situations I found myself in when it came to a guy.

4. I’ve written several non-fiction books for work. But my juices flow (and I can stay up to the wee hours of the night) reading and writing romance fiction.

5. I started reading smut romance novels at 14-15 yo. Mom always had tons of them around. They are my first love (haha pun intended). I also love some good YA/NA like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight, and Mortal Instruments (can Cassandra write angst, or what??).

6. I totally get Ross from Friends. Own most of the seasons on DVD and will still stay up late to watch my favorite episodes on commercial TV. Especially if it’s Season 2 where Ross and Rachel get together or the last season where R&R get together. (See a trend?)


7. A fellow writer applauded all things Joss Whedon, and I have to agree (although I haven’t seen Doll House). I rooted for Spike instead of Angel, and was giddy when he showed up on the last season of the Angel series. Firefly was shipwrecked before it ever got started…{dramatic sigh}

8. One of my current fave shows is Big Bang Theory. There’s an episode where Leonard is moving in with Sheldon and one of the roommate agreement clauses is Friday nights are reserved for watching Firefly. What’s not to love about that?

9. Another show I’m hooked on is Walking Dead. One of my books will totally have some Norman Reedus inspiration. Cause he’s FREAKING HOT!


Ahhh….I don’t think I can top Daryl Dixon of Walking Dead, so I’ll stop my list. Good luck to all who are entering Pitchwars. Thank you to all the mentors who are taking the time to spend with authors over the next couple of months.

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