Hi, I’m Shannon

I love romances. I love love. Probably explains why I was boy-crazy all throughout high school and college. And let’s be honest, through most of my twenties too.

I love to read, and whenever someone asks me what I prefer to read, it’s always a good romance. I read my first romance when I was fifteen after snagging it from my mom’s stash of steamy bodice rippers. Quite the introduction to boy-girl relationships.

Why romance? All the feels. I get lost in a good romance whether it’s contemporary, historical, suspense, paranormal or young adult. I was a freshman in college the first time I stayed up all night to finish one. Sweet, Savage Eden by Heather Graham if you must know.

I love writing. In second grade, I won Honorable Mention for a poem I plagiarized copied from a cousin. I felt so guilty for winning off of what someone else wrote, I never plagiarized again. My fifth grade teacher encouraged me to pursue writing, and here I am, many, many (many) years later doing exactly that.

I’ve had many jobs in between my journalism degree from North Texas and my current day job of training yoga teachers. Through it all, you can usually find a work-in-progress on my computer. (The first one I wrote at twenty-one was on a typewriter).

Some Fun Facts

I’m born and raised in Texas. Between my Southern roots and yoga background, I have a pretty laid-back approach to life (most of the time).

I love unsweet iced tea and it’s rare to see me without it. And that’s about the only thing unsweet I like.

I’ve been practicing yoga since 1998, long before it was cool to do so. I’m not a vegetarian….I love cheeseburgers, chocolate chip cookies, and coke.

I like ellipses (those three little dots you see everywhere, not the exercise machine) and parentheses.

<<——–I was forty when I had my one and only, that cutie-patootie you see over there.

I don’t like concerts. Unless I can read a book at the same time, but I’m told that’s frowned upon.

I played the piano between the ages of six and thirteen. Then I just stopped. Kind of wished I’d kept up with it.

I’ve moved twenty-two times in my life. My grandmother joked she always wrote my addresses in pencil.

Speaking of my grandmother, when I got divorced, I chose her maiden name as my new last name. It’s very empowering to choose your name.

My favorite shape is a circle. I love the symmetry of it, the never-ending possibilities. Sort of like love, right?