A Way with Me

Come to Sugar Ridge, Texas and meet Aven and Lincoln, a friends to lovers story with a twist.

Love ‘em and they leave. That’s Aven Conner’s experience. First the sperm donor she called Dad bailed, then her high school sweetheart went AWOL, and finally her husband two-stepped to a new state with a new girlfriend. Small wonder she swears off men and returns to Sugar Ridge, Texas to partner with her mom and transform her childhood home into a retreat center.

Sexy landscaper Lincoln Walsh has had his eye on Aven long before his big brother ditched her after high school. Fifteen years later, he wants nothing more than to prove he’s the better brother. Even though his outer appearance has morphed from geeky to gorgeous, inside, he’s still the same Lincoln she knew and trusted, but Aven’s determined not to derail her dreams again, especially for a man whose last name is Walsh.

While Lincoln builds a walking maze for the retreat center, their rekindled friendship grows from sweet to hothouse, and Aven’s heart blooms under his attention. Her renewed trust crumbles to despair when she learns Lincoln’s been keeping a secret: his plans to leave. His company won a business-changing contract that will take him hundreds of miles away. To be together, one of them will have to sacrifice not only their professional dreams, but jeopardize their family’s livelihood too. In the end, Aven must decide if she loves him or let ‘em leave.

Sugar Ridge, Texas is loosely based off of the small town where I graduated high school. Big or small, hometowns seem to overflow with lively and quirky characters, but in small towns those characters tend to stick out more, and that’s why I chose a small town as the backdrop for Aven and Lincoln’s story.



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